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1. Occupancy data

Occupancy data

1.1 Basic booking information

1.2 Period

To book different rooms or other rental objects at different times, please start a new request or write it down under 'Notes on occupancy'. Also alternative dates.


Please choose a 'single appointment' ...

Date selector
Date selector

... or 'single appointments with different times':

Date selector
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Date selector
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Date selector
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... or 'single appointments with same times':

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Date selector

1.3 Rooms (and other rental objects)

*Checks all rooms for period, opening hours and max. people - regardless of selection.


2. Details of the contact

Details of the contact

If you have a customer number at hand, enter it together with the corresponding mail address. Otherwise only a mail address and further contact details.

. .

3. More details

More details

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