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Pflicht Information on room occupancy

Information on room occupancy

Information which is not requested here or for further information please write under 'Notes on room occupancy' below.

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... or 'Individual appointments with different times':

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... or 'single appointments with the same times':

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If you would like to book different rooms / areas / rental properties at different times, start a new request or note it under 'Comments on room occupancy'. Likewise alternate or alternative dates.

Rooms (areas, rental objects) (optional)

*Checks all rooms (areas, rental objects) for period, opening times and max. persons - independent of the selection.

Display of resources

Display of resources

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Pflicht Contact details

Contact details

If you have a customer number at hand, enter it together with the corresponding e-mail address. Otherwise only a mail address and further contact data.


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Further information

Further information


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